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Hello Utrecht Photo Series

Molen Rijn en Zon
23 Mar

Hello Utrecht Photo Series – Molen Rijn en Zon

Hello From “Hello Utrecht” Photo Series! Due to the great interest in yesterdays post “hello utrecht” we have decided to make it a series! This will include photos from in and around our beautiful city, with a bit of background to the image! We will also include these on our website for you to take a look! This image is of Molen Rijn en Zon, Rijn en Zon is a flour mill on the corner of the Adelaarstraat and Merelstraat in the Utrecht Vogelenbuurt .

In the history of this current mill, the city of Utrecht counted dozens of mills during the heyday. Especially the defenses around the city were used as a location for mills. The summer storm of 1674 with a tornado destroyed numerous buildings in the city of Utrecht. The havoc among the windmills was such that, after the storm, only two of the mills on the city ​​walls were still standing.

The original mill Rijn en Son was built in 1745 on the city wall at the Paardenveld by order of Govert van Rhijn and Bernardus Sonnenberg, namesetters of the mill. This pair had a facing brick provided with a radiant sun over a river with the text:

When the municipality had plans for a vegetable auction at the Paardenveld, the Rhine and Son were demolished around 1912. In the same period the adjacent mill De Meiboom also underwent this fate.

In 1913, a new mill, the Rhine and the Sun this time, was built on the Adelaarstraat half a kilometer northeast of the Netherlands. At the time he arose in a rural environment. During construction, parts of De Meiboom and other windmills were reused. During construction, the contractor went bankrupt, after which the miller of the old Rijn and Son, Jan Korevaar, took on this task. About half a million bricks have been processed in the mill hull . At the base, the hull has an outer diameter of approximately 14 meters. The size of the flight is almost 25 meters. The position is almost 18 meters above the street level, the top of the roofat about 32 meters. With its dimensions, Rhine and Sun is among the five highest in the Netherlands and is the highest in the province. Korevaar used all known developments in mill construction in his mill. He was also the miller of the new Rhine and Sun and his two sons followed him. During the war years this mill played an important role for Utrechters who had managed to get hold of a bag of grain.

In a storm on March 1, 1949, the windmill ran out and was so damaged that it could no longer be seasoned . In the early 60s the mill was partly due to a planned city expansion on the demolition list , but after many objections the mill was purchased by the municipality in 1974 . In a storm in 1975 , parts of the position came down again. Eventually the mill was restored in 1977-1978 and put back into operation. At street level, an organic shop called the Sheaf of Corn, sold bread from the grain from the mill. Later this store moved to a building further on and changed the nameRio de Bio . An organic butcher shop came into the shop in the mill. Since 2011, the mill has been forced to stand still because of a cracked joint in the hood of the mill. Miller / mill maker Jan Wilten is busy, in the autumn of 2014, with the preparations for the restoration of the mill.

In addition to the Rhine and Sun, only the sawmill De Ster , which was rebuilt around 1997, can be found in the city of Utrecht .

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