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Nowhere around the world you can find a place like Kinderdijk.

Tour & Package Information

Name Kinderdijk
Sights Windmills
Duration Half Day

Tour & Package Description

Nowhere around the world you can find a place like Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk is the only place in the world where you can find so many windmills concentrated on such a short area. This is one of the reason why Kinderdijk has been added tot the UNESCO world heritage list.

The Kinderdijk milling complex consists of 8 stone brick windmills of the waterboard Nederwaard which were built in 1738, 8 thatched windmills of the waterboard Overwaard built in 1740, 2 stone windmills of the polder Nieuw-Lekkerland built in 1760 and 1 windmill of the polder Blokweer which was built in 1521 and burned down in 1997. Since that day the windmill has been restarted and has been operational since the spring of 2000.

Kinderdijk is the final station of the water of the Alblasserwaard, an area that is approximately 10 by 20 miles wide, before the river Lek takes it to the sea. And even today we still need to dispose the water which comes from rain, but since the 1950’s the function of the windmills has been taken over by the pumping station which is one of the largest in the world.

However in case of emergency the windmills still can be used and have been operational up to the Second World War.

When you visit Kinderdijk, you step right into the middle of Dutch history. Everything here lies below sea level, so to keep our feet dry, we have been cooperating with the wind and water for centuries. Our windmills and waterways tell the tale of the Low Countries. Travel back in time and experience the story of windmills, water, and willpower in Kinderdijk!!